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 Limited Edition Scarf- Boundaries


Welcome to Layneau collection.  Our luxury loungewear blurs the lines between public and private.  These pieces navigate the world in elegance and luxury. Savor the luxury in private, or share it with the world of your choosing.  Where you wear it is up to you. 


Limited Edition Scarf- Boundaries

Border scarf.png
Transformation- layneau.png
Border scarf.png
Transformation- layneau.png

Limited Edition Scarf- Boundaries


It's important to hove good boundaries- especially if they are in luxurious 82 gram silk twill.  Here our signature dragonfly defines her space on a 34 x 34 inch scarf with a hand rolled hem.  

The generous 34 inch by 34inch scarf features our original design inspired by a cartoon by 16th century jewelry designer Daniel Mignot.

The dragonfly has long been a symbol of female transformation.  In youth is is a nymph confined to water, but in maturity the dragonfly grows wings and is able to navigate water, earth and air.  Its eyes are able to see in 360 degrees.  Thus insight and an ability to navigate the world comes with maturity.  

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