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I love Paris.  I truly deeply love wondering the streets discovering all sorts of divine places and people.  It is a city of secrets revealed only to those with the where with all to dart down the ally and open the door on the second floor. There is of course a word for it: Flaneuse- the art of walking in cities.

My love of the city of lights came on my first trip there.  It was at the end of two weeks in the countryside.  Yes, there had been a train strike and it had taken 7 hours to make a 3-hour train ride.  We were cranky, hot and exhausted. But determined to meet up with our friends we bolted up the stairs to Sacre’-Coeur.  Sadly we missed them by moments. (this was pre-cellphone!)

Hungry, we decided to wonder the streets back to our hotel.  A bit too early for most Parisians to dine, we found a little Pakistani restaurant open.  It was clearly a ‘local’ spot- not a tourist in sight.  The food was divine, the hospitality beyond gracious.  I still carry the little card they wrote for me with the Urdu word for peanut. 

On the very last day there we were wondering around a left bank neighborhood after looking at an antiques fair.  Lovely music wafted from a shop window- we stepped in to explore the source.   A charming man was painting and listening to beautiful gypsy music.  The boutique was filled with carefully curated women’s clothes.  We talked, we danced and we bought.  I still have the beautiful duster covered in lovely little roses I found there.  

This is how I know Pairs-

A few of my favorite places:

L’lbis Rouge

35 Boulevard Raspai

75007 Paris, France

33 1 45 48 98 21

My version of big game hunting.  I wish my closet looked like this…with enough trips perhaps it will!

La Cerisaie

70 Boulevard Edgar Quinet

75014 Paris, France

01 43 20 98 98

My favorite spot for dinner- It is tiny- make a reservation- shhh- don’t tell too many people.

Le Petit Pan

18 Rue Rosenwald

75015 Paris, France

33 1 42 50 04 04

Sit at the bar- eat everything- it’s all precious, amazing and as good as food gets without being fussy.

Librairie Lardanchet

100 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore’

75008 Pairs, France

33 1 42 66 68 32

A drizzly afternoon spent among the art books- HEAVEN.

E. Dehillerin

18-20 Rue Coquillere,

75001 Paris France

33 1 42 36 53 13

Best source for the copper skate pan you never knew you needed so much until you saw it -ever.

L’Ecluse Madeleine

15 Place de la Madeleine

75008 Paris France

33 1 42 65 34 69

Have the goose foie-gras in Loupiac wine- it is divine!